Kyle S. King

Dean of Students, Queen City STEM School, Charlotte, NC

"Doctor Sparks' presentation today was absolutely amazing. The overall experience he was able to bring was exactly what we want our students to experience."

Ethan Burton

Curriculum Coordinator, Envision Science Academy, Wake Forest, NC

"The thing I like most about the Doctor Sparks experience is the idea that he is able to take science and share it through storytelling. It's almost like Aesop's Fables. Our kids had a great time - a lot of dancing, a lot of cheering, and ultimately a lot of learning about science."

Jana Strohmeyer

Principal, Liberty Elementary, Frederick, MD

"Today Doctor Spark came to do an assembly for our K-5th graders. It was engaging and entertaining, it included storytelling and science and math, and the children seemed to really understand that connection between those content areas and really enjoyed the show."

“Smith began inventing things while studying for his doctorate at the University of Rochester and then while working on Alexa’s voice system — mostly because of a healthy curiosity that he shares with kids… His Martian characters, whose personas he also takes on, are based on animals found in Western Pennsylvania: a gopher, squirrel, deer or firefly. Each animal has a way of teaching the kids something.”
Kidsburgh Article: Doctor Sparks Electrifies Pittsburgh Kids with Scientific Silliness

“We just hosted Dr. Sparks for our science day assembly at our elementary school. The students, teachers, and parents could not have been happier with the tremendous show! We sat in awe as Dr. Sparks tamed the wild group of K – 4th graders and harnessed their energy into an interactive and entertaining presentation of a variety of science topics. I would highly recommend for your students!!”
Shannon Antypas, Borland Manor Elementary School PFO (Canonsburg, PA)

“Karl Smith is one of the most enthusiastic and engaging storytellers that has come through our doors at Assemble. He was a perfect guest expert for our Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) summer camps! His use of new and old tech as well as art demonstrated how to utilize all aspects of STEAM with the narrative. The kids were chanting and so excited when they got to see him more than once over the summer!”
Nina Marie Barbuto, Executive Director of Assemble, Pittsburgh, PA

“Dr. Sparks Science Storytelling was a huge hit with our kids in the Theatre at Two Bit Circus in Los Angeles. Kids are often a bit jaded here as they are exposed to so much of Hollywood. That was not the reaction to Dr. Sparks. Kids were on the edge of their seats and learning without knowing that was what was happening. Fun, engaging and effective, that’s how I would describe the experience of having Dr. Sparks meet with our students”
Dr. Leah Hanes, Executive Director of the Two Bit Circus Foundation

“Dr. Sparks came to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh at Woods Run for a really wonderful show. His pitch to kids in the library, which was 'Do you like inventions?' gets right at the spirit of his show – there’s no choice but to have fun. By taking familiar stories and infusing them with a science narrative, an invention by itself, he makes it easy for the audience to participate and feel like learning something new is not so hard. By the time the inventions come out, the kids and parents were already primed to be amazed and connect with the science behind the stuff.”
Henry Dragenflo, Children’s and Teen Librarian, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Woods Run Branch